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Outdoor life

Nelaug provides many fine possibilities of outdoor activities.
We have nice marked out trails varying in length and difficulty. One of them run from Nelaug via Øynes to the Hovdefjell mountain and the lookout there. And if you walk in the woods and fields in the autumn,  you can pick berries. The area is very rich on blueberries and cranberries.
We also have a marked out cycling route from Nelaug to Arendal. It is ca 40 kilometres long. You cycle through wonderful  scenery along the railway, small lakes, rivers and rapids. The route  follows mostly gravel roads, but there is some asphalt and a small part  follows a trail. You will find red signs marked "Sykkelrute Nelaug-Arendal" along the way, so there is no risk of getting lost.
Lake Nelaug is splendid for paddling - for those enjoying that. There are fine beaches along the western shore of the lake.

In the middle of the lake there are several islands where you can camp.  Lake Nelaug is a great lake for fishing; you can catch trout, perch as  well as gwyniad. Fishing licences can be bought in the grocer's.
It is also possible to paddle and fish in the Nidelva river from the dam  downwards. From Nelaug to Flaten is a fine leg some five kilometres  long.

We have a very nice beach at Nelaug - just have a look at the photos from  it. It lies by Lake Nelaug about one kilometre from the railway station.
On the beach there are playground facilities for the little ones,  seats and tables, a barbecue house, a beach volley field for the bigger ones, and new sanitary facilities - in addition to a nice sand beach of course.
Why not take the train to Nelaug, walk for a few minutes to  the beach to enjoy summer and sun, and then return by train in the evening?

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