Nelaug hjemmesides red. frasier seg ethvert ansvar for innholdet på eksterne hjemmesider.

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Nelaug is a small village which lies by the beautiful river Nidelva and Lake Nelaug in Åmli munipiciality. It has grown up the hillside behind the railway station with the same name. Around 150 people, counting young and old, live here and like it.
If you turn off road no. 415 bound for Åmli and continue on road no. 412 towards Nelaug, you drive for five kilometres with forest on both sides of the road. Round the bend the terrain suddenly opens, and you see the village which lies in the  hillside below you down towards the river. Driving downhill, there is  the school on your left hand side, and a little further down, you will see the grocer's.
Yes, we do have a grocer's and we appreciate it as an advantage. Here is also our post office, and agent for Norsk  Tipping, the Norwegian national lottery.
Immediately below the  grocer's the road ends on the railway station car park. Turning right, you can follow a narrow road along the railway track past the dam. There you will find the idyllic beach with accompanying parking space.
Lake Nelaug is a great fishing lake 10 square kilometres large and 68 kilometres about. The lake suits paddling and boat trips well, and has a number of beautiful islands you can visit. Why not bring sleeping bag  and tent with you and camp on one of them?
The former school building also functions as community house and can be borrowed for various  occations such as weddings, birthday parties and so on.

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